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Technology R&D Innovation Ability Quality Assurance Production Base

Jonyang is committed to developing high-end engineering equipment of international advanced level

Centered on the future development trends of manufacturing industry, i.e. “high efficiency, high profits, high cycle, low consumption, low pollution, low emission, intelligence, informatization, and network”, Jonyang is committed to the R&D of international advanced high-end construction machinery and emergency rescue robots which feature smart technologies, electric drive, green and energy-saving, and diversified energy sources.

Jonyang has set up Postdoctoral Workstation, Construction Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center of Guizhou Province, Technology Center of Guizhou Province, and Industrial Design Center of Guizhou Province, as well as four provincial laboratories for the study of transmission, control, structure and welding. Jonyang’s multiple products have won the provincial or national level Science and Technology Progress Awards. Jonyang has taken various significant technological innovation programs like “National Technology Support Program”.

Jonyang has various professional technical talents

Jonyang has a team of over 370 technical staff, among whom, 66 have senior titles and 266 have medium titles, and there are also experts who receive government allowance, provincial-level experts, and municipal-level experts,  technological leaders, and young backbone staff who have high expertise and practical experience. Jonyang focuses on talent capital and has enrolled excellent specialized talents and built an incentive system for staff development.

Jonyang has established advanced research and development platform based on the basic working methods of computerized design, and complete environment for new product testing and inspection. During the process of product research and development, Jonyang adopts various technical means like CAD, CAPP, PDM, and MSC finite element analysis, dynamic balance analysis and noise analysis. Various new technologies, new techniques, new materials and new methods have been applied in Jonyang’s product manufacturing.



Keep innovating R&D technology and improving products

Jonyang has built industry-university-institute cooperation and international technical exchange in multiple fields and often invites foreign and domestic technical experts and scholars to make technical instructions and exchanges, so as to ensure innovative and advanced product research and development. Depending on its research and development ability and all-round industry-university-institute cooperation, Jonyang constantly makes technical innovation and product improvement and has won 9 national science and technology progress awards, 27 science and technology awards of provincial or ministry-level, and has gained awards in international construction machinery exhibitions for multiple times. 

Jonyang concentrates on the independent innovation ability, and fosters the ability in research and development as the core competency of the company. Each year Jonyang will spend about 5% of its annual revenue in innovation.