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Rice bowl seedling transplanter (JYNBY-4B)

According to Japan's rice bowl seedling transplanter core technology "precise operation as per five-step transplanting method & transplanting big seedlings with bowls (transplanting injury-free)" and the agronomic requirements of "sparse planting with high quality", the modern high-end agricultural machinery for transplanting rice bowl seedlings with 33mm equal row spacing is based on independent innovation, research and development and it is the "precise transplanting" machinery for rice in our country.

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rice bowl seedling transplantation




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Sowing machine for rice bowl seedlings 2BD-600 (JYNBB-600A)

It has an original mechanical roller-type, automatic hole-alignment and precision-sowing mechanism, which realizes automatic and accurate quantitative sowing operation in the whole process from seedling tray supply, seedbed soil filling, compaction, sowing, re-compaction, soil covering and watering.

Rice bowl seedling transplanter (JYNBY-6AKD)

The product is based on the three key links of "three lows" paddy field rice mechanical sowing, high-quality cultivation of organic rice, and high-yield cultivation of symbiotic organisms in the green development model of comprehensive planting and breeding, and through the integrated innovation and application of new technologies such as "dynamic matching lifting technology", "deep-mud feet paddy field stable traveling technology" and "overall structural optimization technology".