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Having national post-doctoral scientific research workstations
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Committed to developing high-end engineering equipment at international level

        Towards the manufacturing industry's future development direction of "high efficiency, excellent effectiveness, high circulation rate, low consumption, low pollution, low emission, intelligence, informatization & networking", Jonyang Kinetics devotes itself to developing construction machinery, rescue engineering robots and other high-end engineering equipment at international level, which are featured by intelligence technology, integrated electric drive technology, green energy-saving as well as diversified energy sources.

       Jonyang Kinetics not only possesses national post-doctoral scientific research workstation, Guizhou Provincial Construction Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center, provincial enterprise technology center and provincial industrial design center, but also has built four provincial-level transmission, control, structure and welding laboratories. Many products have won national, provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological progress awards, and the Company has undertaken major scientific and technological innovation projects such as "National Science and Technology Support Program".

Jonyang Kinetics has all kinds of leading professional and technical talents.

        Jonyang Kinetics has more than 370 engineers and technicians, among which 66 persons have senior titles and 266 persons have intermediate titles. There are a number of leading professional and technical talents with high level of technical skills and rich practical experience, such as experts with State Council allowance, experts under the management of provincial authorities, experts under the management of municipal authorities, municipal-level science and technology leaders, as well as municipal-level young and middle-aged science and technology backbones. Jonyang Kinetics values the accumulation of talent capital, vigorously introduces all kinds of excellent professional and technical talents, and establishes a set of incentive mechanism to promote the growth of talents.

        Jonyang Kinetics has established an advanced R&D platform with computer design as the basic working means, and a complete testing and inspection environment for new products. In the process of product development, CAD, CAPP, PDM & MSC finite element analysis and dynamic balance analysis, noise analysis and other technical means are fully adopted. Moreover, new processes, new technologies, new materials and new methods are widely applied in product design and manufacturing.

The Company has continuously innovated its R&D technology and constantly improved its products

        Jonyang Kinetics adheres to all-round industry-university-research and international technical exchange & cooperation, and employs technical experts and scholars at home and abroad for technical guidance and exchanges all the year round, so as to guarantee the innovation and advancement of product research and development. Relying on its own R&D capabilities and industry-university-research cooperation, the Company has continuously innovated its R&D technology and constantly improved its products. Up to now, it has won 9 national science and technology progress awards, 27 science and technology awards at the provincial and ministerial level, as well as many awards at international exhibition of construction machinery and equipment.

        Jonyang Kinetics attaches great importance to the building of enterprise's capability for independent innovation, carefully cultivates R&D capability as enterprise's core capability, and invests 5% of operating revenue as R&D expenses every year.