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High-speed wireless remote-controlled off-road platform

Characterized by high speed and multiple functions, the high-speed wireless remote-controlled off-road platform has a customized environmental detection system, and can quickly arrive at the disaster site to perform early-stage surveillance and harmful gas concentration detection. The multi-functional tool head can quickly open up emergency passage. It is suitable for urban fire emergencies.

Applicable disasters:

Earthquake rescue,Forest fire-fighting,Chemical rescue

Product functions:

Obstacle clearing,Road re-opening,Hazardous chemicals transfer,Demolition






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Technical parameters

Application scenarios


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Rescue vehicle with special operation equipment (JY816-F)

It is characterized by all-terrain unimpeded access and amphibious functions, and can adapt to plateau, desert, snowfield, waters, Gobi desert, forest and other terrains, with world-class technical level

Disaster rescue breacher (JY816-R)

For the emergency rescue of earthquake, landslide and other disasters, the vehicle can go through rivers and pass through complex terrain between the frontline and the rear support zone, quickly transport rescue workers and relief materials to the disaster area and transfer trapped people, under the condition of road damage and bridge collapse. It can transport ≥14 people or ≥4 tons of materials at one time. Compared with ordinary wheeled transport vehicles, this vehicle plays an irreplaceable role in the early stage of disaster relief.