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Product functions:


High-speed wireless remote-controlled off-road platform

Characterized by high speed and multiple functions, the high-speed wireless remote-controlled off-road platform has a customized environmental detection system, and can quickly arrive at the disaster site to perform early-stage surveillance and harmful gas concentration detection. The multi-functional tool head can quickly open up emergency passage. It is suitable for urban fire emergencies.


Mobile demolition robot (JY904-C)

The mobile demolition robot is suitable for performing on-site survey, obstacle removal and other tasks in collapsed underground works, urban parking lots, collapsed tunnels, pipelines and other narrow spaces. Operators can clear obstacles through remote control equipment in safe areas.


Wireless remote-controlled multifunctional rescue operating vehicle (JY915-P)

Characterized by remote-control operation and multiple functions, the wireless remote-controlled multifunctional rescue operating vehicle is equipped with ultra-long-distance wireless remote control, and designed with unique dual-arm operating mode. It is used to conduct on-site survey and hazardous chemicals disposal under the conditions of earthquake, explosion, urban fire, chemical leakage and nuclear treatment.


Wireless remote-controlled enhanced special excavator (JY633F-Ju)

The wireless remote-controlled enhanced special excavator is suitable for the emergency rescue of natural disasters with high intensity and long working time. The working time is ≥22h, which is at least 14h longer than that of ordinary excavators. The excavator also has a wireless remote control system, with a remote control distance of ≥2km.

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