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Product functions:


High-speed multifunctional special breacher (JYL313F-B)

It is suitable for emergency rescue work such as blocking barrier lake burst and clearing road obstacles in case of sudden earthquake-induced geological disasters, or excavating fire barrier zones in case of forest fires, and can also support post-disaster reconstruction. Therefore, it is praised as the "powerful weapon for emergency rescue".


High-speed multifunctional snow and ice removal vehicle (JYL313F-B)

It has superior trafficability for such special terrains as snowfield, swamp, beach, desert and river, and can greatly improve the maneuvering guarantee capability of emergency rescue work under complex terrain conditions.


High-speed wheeled fire rescue excavator (JYL620F-S)

High-speed emergency rescue excavator (core advantages: high-speed, triple-folding arm design patent, self-developed special high-speed undercarriage, and world-class technology)


High-speed wheeled light-duty assault bridging vehicle (JYL913-Q)

High-speed light-duty assault bridging vehicle (core advantages: high speed, operated by one person, bridging completed within 5-10 minutes, world-class technical level)

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